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Xbox Series S can play PS2 games while the PS5 can’t

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Perhaps the best reason to get a Series S

Here’s something the Xbox Series S can do that the PlayStation 5 can’t: run classic PlayStation 2 games.

This is all thanks to the Series S’ Developer Mode, which allows users to install software that utilise Universal Windows Platform apps, such as the RetroArch emulator. Besides the PS2, the emulator also allows users to run games from other legacy systems, like Dreamcast, GameCube and Wii.

YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer has since released a video showing the Xbox Series S running various PS2 classics and exclusives using the PCSX2 emulator through RetroArch. The games shown running on the system include the original God Of War, Silent Hill 2, Ico and more.

Watch the video of the Series S running PS2 games below.

“PCSX2 in RetroArch is currently still very much in active development and the builds that are out there have some bugs – lots of them in fact,” Modern Vintage Gamer noted in the video. “If you think about it, outside of PlayStation, this is the first time that PS2 games are running on a console system.”

It’s also likely that the Xbox Series X, the higher-end counterpart of the Series S, will also be able to run PS2 games through Developer Mode. However, Modern Vintage Gamer noted that they were unable to test that out as they do not have a Series X in their possession.

On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 does not support backward compatibility with games from the PS3 or older. It remains to be seen if Sony will retroactively add support for these legacy titles, although, judging by its track record with backwards compatibility on PS4, it seems unlikely.

In other Xbox Series X|S news, the consoles were responsible for Microsoft’s best-ever launch in the UK, selling around 155,000 consoles in its first two days of sales. Those sales figures narrowly edge out the Xbox One’s two-day opening sales in 2013, which hit 150,000.

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