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Xbox Series S reportedly has under 400GB of usable storage space

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By comparison, the Xbox Series X reportedly has 800GB of useable space

Microsoft’s upcoming lower-end console, the Xbox Series S, reportedly contains under 400GB of usable storage space.

While it’s previously been confirmed that the system will feature 512GB solid-state drive (SSD), the amount of actual useable storage is said to be lower, according to a recent Reddit user who claims to have received the console early. When asked how much storage is available, the user stated that only 346GB can be used for games and applications.

The remaining 148GB seems to have been be reserved for the console’s operating system. By comparison, roughly 20 per cent the the Xbox Series X‘s storage has been set aside for the system’s OS, leaving about 800GB of space available to the user, according to a previous hands-on preview by IGN.

Microsoft also previously revealed that Xbox Series owners will be able to uninstall certain parts of games, minimising the amount of space used per each title. The company’s idea is to give gamers more control over their storage, such as being able to delete single-player segments of games while leaving the multiplayer mode installed.

Owners will also be able to expand their storage on both Xbox Series systems through external hard drives. Proprietary SSD cartridges can be purchased to expand the consoles’ storage capabilities, and they will also make full use of the quick resume and fast loading functions. Basic USB hard drives can also be connected, however, this method will not utilise Xbox Series enhanced games or the SSD performance.

The Xbox Series S has also been confirmed to be unable to play Xbox One X enhanced versions of games and will instead run the Xbox One S iterations.

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