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Xbox Series S seemingly confirmed through controller packaging leak

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Microsoft has not confirmed Series S’ existence

The heavily rumoured Xbox Series S, a cheaper, less powerful version of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, has been leaked through the next-gen console’s packaging, confirming its existence.

The latest evidence of Series S’ existence comes from a white controller that seemingly went on sale too early. Twitter user @zakk_exe somehow was able to purchase the new controller on a resale site, with The Verge verifying that it is indeed a genuine next-gen controller.

The leaker has since posted a video on Twitter of the controller and the box, to prove its authenticity.

Check out the tweets below.

The packaging includes a list of consoles that the controller will be compatible with, and mentions a listing for the Xbox Series S. It is important to note that Microsoft has not confirmed the leak.

Rumours of the Series S, originally known as Project Lockhart, have been floating around the internet for some time now. Back in June, a leaked Microsoft document revealed that an Xbox Series X development kit included a special Lockhart mode that revealed a lower-powered next-gen console.

It has since been rumoured that Microsoft will allegedly reveal the Xbox Series S in August. According to multiple reports, the company had originally planned to unveil the console at E3 2020 prior to the event’s cancellation, and then an unannounced standalone replacement event in June, but had to push back the announcement to avoid clashing with Sony’s The Future Of Gaming presentation.

The Xbox Series S is expected to launch alongside the Series X this Holiday season.

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