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Xbox Series X reportedly improves backwards compatible games

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Games have been reported to present boosted frame rates and faster loading times

Following media previews of the Xbox Series X, it’s been reported that the console will runs backwards compatible titles to a higher standard than previous generations.

Over the last week, multiple outlets have received early review units for the Xbox Series X. Today (September 28), some publications have revealed their thoughts and reported that the console is operating older titles at a much higher quality.

Digital Foundry have provided an in-depth look at the system, focusing on how it operates backwards compatible titles from the Xbox One era. Titles such as Final Fantasy XV are shown to be running a solid 60 frames per second on the Xbox Series X, whilst the Xbox One X version is shown to dip below 40 frames at certain points.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most notable examples, as its frame rate almost doubles since it originally release last year (2019) to high marks of 60 frames per second. Titles are said to have not received any patches or work for the new console, and instead take usage of its horsepower.

Check out the full analysis video below:

Alongside boosted frame rates, the console is also said to achieve a massive increase in loading times. Multiple titles have been reported by outlets to load into the game at a vastly superior speed. One huge difference noted is Sea Of Thieves, which will now load within 20 seconds, opposed to its original loading time on the Xbox One X of one minute and 20 seconds.

It’s also been discovered that the 1TB or storage will only allow 802GB of usable space. The other 198GB is reserved for the console’s operating system and files.

Industry veteran Geoff Keighley shared his thoughts on Twitter, also adding some further points. The Xbox Series X also holds a Quick Resume feature, allowing players to jump instantaneously between games. Keighley described the function as “a game changer” and “makes moving between games almost like Alt-TABing.” He also mentioned how the console itself “is quiet, super easy to setup.”

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X along with the Xbox Series S open last week (September 22). Following the order going like, Amazon saw in spike in Xbox One X models being sold, suggesting that buyers mistook Microsoft’s previous console as the upcoming one.

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