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Xbox Series X|S: Here’s everything included with the next-gen consoles

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Get your first look at everything inside the box on launch day

With both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S a little under two weeks away, unboxing videos for the consoles have started to emerge.

While many tech outlets and influencers have showcased a preview version of the Xbox Series X unit over the past few weeks, many since received the official retail version that players will be getting their hands on when the systems launch.

Various YouTubers such as iJustine and UrAvgConsumer have given viewers a peak into the contents of the box. The packaging has been crafted to invoke a gift box feel, and inside it contains the console, controller, HDMI 2.1 cable and AC power cable. It’s also shown that a leaflet inside advises users to download the Xbox App on mobile devices for a faster setup.

Comparing the two consoles next to each other, the size difference is easily noticeable, with the Xbox Series S being over half the size of its Series X counterpart. As demonstrated by UrAvgConsumer, the console is small enough to be held within one hand.

Check out some unboxing videos below:

The new controller has also been showcased, revealing that it bares a resemblance to the customisable Xbox Elite controller. The D-Pad has been significantly changed, now using a full circular design, as well as the bumper buttons, which are more prominent on the new controller.

Out of all the new features, the Share button is the biggest change. Players can now tap the central button to take a screenshot or hold it in to capture a small clip of their gameplay. It’s designed to keep players within the game, instead of pausing the action.

Along with the embargo lifting, product manager at Xbox, Jason Ronald, announced on Twitter that all backwards compatible games – except ones requiring a Kinect – will be playable at launch. All Xbox One, original Xbox and Xbox 360 games that were playable on the Xbox One will also work on the new systems.

Microsoft also recently dived into a full walkthrough of both Xbox Series consoles, outlining the full boot-up process and unique features of the systems.

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