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Top Yik Yak clone is only a few years old and already has millions of users. With so many clone applications available today, this application has not been the younger generation by storm. Thus this is the right time to take advantage of this app to increase your monetization prospects by attracting millions of billions of users. MAADI (Mobile Application Development India) has developed it with the help of our iOS developer. We are staunch believers in the uniqueness of a product and our mobile application developers have carved a niche and turned Yik Yak into an anonymous social email cloning application. MAADI creates an ideal environment to surpass all business models to compete favorably in the dynamic and challenging global markets. We have an entrepreneurial approach that motivates ideas and takes our iOS developers to a new level. We also promote your application when you partner with us to create anonymous clone applications. So, you have a great chance to create a Yik Yak clone script with AIS Technolabs assistance.

The advantage of this feature

Anonymous chat is ideal for people with mental health problems who are afraid of stigmatization. Their anonymity creates a feeling of a safe environment for self-expression.You will be more honest and open without fear of contradiction when anonymous and if someone attacks your anonymous identity, it will never hurt you because it does not affect “your true self”. You can easily share personal experiences in regards to traumatic events, mental health, or difficult life experiences in your life. AIS Technolabs sure that you can’t overlook the amazing characteristics of Yik Yak application.

In a professional way, you can make or receive honest comments and criticisms at work, without fear of rank and file, due to your anonymous profile. On a Personal note, you can also communicate comfortably with your family members and friends, who most of the times will be brutally honest with you, in case you do something wrong and how you can improve and vice versa.

Simply put, people feel comfortable when they talk anonymously with others in order to get a sense of support without revealing their identity. Yik Yak clone Chat features ensures that you do not get opinions from people you don’t know. This means that they will have no agenda for or against you.

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