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Yoru’s Teleport ability can get players killed in ‘Valorant’

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Yoru’s gatecrash has a couple of problems

Yoru, the latest operator added to Riot Games competitive FPS Valorant is victim to a bug that can see players fall through the map.

The latest issue with the ability was revealed in a video clip posted on Reddit by user ‘amcaa’.

Breaking it down, the player uses the ability ‘Gatecrash’ to set a recall point before advancing to scope out the enemy team.

He then uses ‘Spatial Drift’ to go in invisible, to provide intel for his team. Finally, he reactivates ‘Gatecrash’ to recall, but instead of returning to the point of recall, he falls through the floor.

There are two presiding theories as to why the bug is happening. The first explains the recall point was potentially clipping with some terrain where the player couldn’t stand, causing the glitch to occur. The second claims that the ability expires, it may start to move to the ground as it fades, causing the player to teleport into the geometry of the level and glitch out.

The bug has been reported on the latest bug megathread, which Riot routinely check to catch gamebreaking issues.

Previously covered by Dextero, Yoru is already more susceptible to fall damage due to how his Gatecrash interacts with the player’s height – as the ability drags the agent towards the orb he throws out, it damages the player if they activate it to go from high ground to low ground.

Valorant has recently had an update which allows players to track online leaderboards from anywhere with web browser access, allowing players to better assess their own ranking, and the overall competitive ranks in the region.

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