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YouTuber ACG’s PS5 dies before he could review it

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He says the console is “100% dead”

Popular gaming YouTuber ACG has put his next-gen review schedule on hold due to a faulty PlayStation 5 unit.

In a video released yesterday (10 November), he detailed the breakdown of his new console, revealing that the unit had failed before he could dig into any substantial review content.

In addition to the video, ACG tweeted about the incident, confirming that his PS5 is “100% dead”. He further explained that the errors to be “storage rebuild” related, and that “Sony and [ACG] “were working through troubleshooting when [the PS5] died completely”. Read the full tweet below.

ACG has since apologised to his Patreons for hyping the upcoming review, saying: “My sincere apologies. I rarely ever really build stuff up and this time I did and I got bit for it”. He has also offered a refund to those who paid for exclusive PS5 content in a goodwill gesture to make up for the missing reviews.

Taking to Reddit, a fan has voiced their concern that ACG’s faulty console may be a worrying sign. However, other users have commented that consumer electronics failure is not atypical. User MMontanez92 said that “there is ALWAYS a few faulty units whenever any new electronic comes out. PS4, XB1, PS4PRO and One x all had the same issue at launch but it was never a wide spread issue”. Read the full Reddit thread below.

In the thread, fans also raised concerns surrounding warranties. It is important to note that Sony Interactive Entertainment has different warranty terms and conditions for various regions. In the US, for example, Sony “warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase”.

On the other hand, in Europe, PS units are covered “for the longer of 3 (three) months and the remainder of [Sony]’s original manufacturer’s guarantee”. The latter is subject to the country in which the PS5 is purchase.

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