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Zlatan Ibrahimovic says EA have been using his likeness without his consent on FIFA

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The AC Milan striker said he didn’t agree to this

AC Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimović has called out FIFA developers EA on twitter for using his likeness without permission in FIFA 21 and past entries.

Ibrahimović has appeared in multiple versions of FIFA over the years, but has recently taken to social media to claim that FIFA have been making money from his likeness over the years without his consent.

Likeness and club licensing for FIFA has always been a large draw for players, but over the last few years Konami have made strides to acquire the rights to certain teams to appeal to players. PES 2021 currently lets players take to the field as Juventus, an exclusivity coup that has taken them away from FIFA.

Currently EA have the rights to Serie A, the league that AC Milan play in, and by extension they should have the rights to Ibrahimović’s likeness. The striker has appeared in FIFA games since 2004, and has had multiple player cards in FIFA Ultimate Team going back to 2010.

The striker even appeared in an interview with EA Sports for FIFA 17, which makes the claim slightly confusing.

When raising the issue on twitter, welsh footballer Gareth Bale also chipped in, suggesting they investigate what FIFPro (International Federation of Professional Footballers) is, a question that seems like it might be a mild attempt at humour.

Given that AC Milan signed an exclusive deal with EA for FIFA 21, the likelihood of EA not having secured likeness rights for high profile players such as Zlatan Ibrahimović seems low.

NME’s verdict on FIFA 21 was that it was “just FIFA 20 with better crossing” and that it had a “career mode that lets you make your own fun”.

Alongside the ability to play as many of the top worldwide names in football, FIFA has taken a left turn and allowed players to join in as Dua Lipa, alongside other celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham and DJ Snake.

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