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Presently, website creators create websites with their aim being to make the consumers’ lives comfortable-commerce sites are very efficient in all fields, as well as wholesale order systems. Websites such as zomato Clone, Foodpanda, and Justeat grow every day. AIS Technolabs provide a basic solution for business owners who want to create a similar website. You might have chosen the Zomato clone script for such a solution.

The advantage of a wholesale ordering system is that aside from providing convenienc e and variety of food, transportation costs to specialized hotels is quite considerate. If you think this is your call, here is how to use the Zomato clone script ensuring an increase in the Magento 2 market offered by CedCommerce to help you realize your dream of having an online food-ordering website.

You might have read a lot about Zoom Clone scripts in the IT market, mainly because this is a very popular online grocery store. However, have you ever wondered how it works? Apart from all the technical details and everything that tempts the user, .you have to know what it does.

Clone Zoom Script Functions

Check here, number of scripts for online ordering food. CedCommerce offers several interesting features in the Clone Scripting Online Store website solution mentioned below.

Search by location

Guests can look for restaurants in the list of local restaurants that offer quality food at authentic prices. Second, you can set a basic distance from the region so that food will be sent to you within a short period of time after placing your order. In this way, we consider the idea of usability in an online ordering system.

Send order: Customers can change, delete, or change any of the articles in the shopping cart before sending the order in the zomato clone script. The amount of your goods may vary, along with instructions for using certain ingredients. After you place the required menu items in your shopping basket, you can place an order.

Online payment/cash on delivery: Customers can pay up to sending orders online or cash on delivery. Online payments include credit/debit card categories, online bank transfers and payment gateways. If you look here, you can also pay in cash after the item is sent. The Zomato clone script also supports several payment gateways.

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